Vomaris Animal Healthcare Division is pleased to announce a new grant opportunity, “The use of a Microcurrent-Generating Dressing in the treatment of Animal Wounds”. Monetary grants will be provided to support qualified veterinarians or veterinarians-in-training in case studies, laboratory studies, or trials investigating the use of Procellera Animal Care.

Study areas
Wound healing rates, partial and full-thickness wound healing, tissue regeneration, scar healing, antimicrobial efficacy, healing over tendon and bone, angiogenesis, etc.

Eligibility Criteria
To qualify for a grant, the veterinarian/veterinary student must be currently practicing at a private practice/hospital/university based setting.

$10,000 Laboratory Research/ Clinical Research
$5,000 Case Series of 10 animals or more
$1000-$2,000 Case Studies of 5 animals or more
$500 3 animal case study

Proposal Requirement
Laboratory Research/ Clinical Research applications should include the following elements:

Problem, Hypothesis, Significance

  • Statement of the problem to be studied
  • Statement of the hypothesis to be tested
  • Describe significance Proposed Solution
  • Describe objectives of the work proposed
  • Primary Study Objective
  • Secondary Study Objective
  • Study Design
  • Study Population and proposed sample Size
  • Study Procedures
  • Primary Outcome and Secondary Outcome (if applicable)
  • Proposed Study Start and End Dates

Estimated Timeline & Cost Case Study/ Case series applications should include the following elements:

  • Proposed case study animal types
  • Proposed case study size • Proposed wound evaluation timeline (1x, 2x, or 3x per week, etc.)
  • Proposed Case study/case series Start and End Dates

How to apply
For grant application form and full submission guidelines or general grant-related questions, please email